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Posdion Co., Ltd has specialized in developing and producing advanced dental solutions, focusing on the field of portable dental X-ray machines since 2000. We have always concentrated on developing innovative dental equipment of new concept under creative spirit with an object to become a leader in dental industry of intense competition, and designed all these smart products with safety in mind. Our Rextar Series complies with major quality control standards such as ISO, KFDA, CE and FDA.

Meeting customers’ need is our highest philosophy and we will make our utmost effort with full responsibility to grow as a world-class company that our customers can count on. Our company is moving fast to meet customer’s needs with our own technology as your best partner. Posdion's handheld dental x-ray systems are one of the most advanced systems on the market. We are sure that we can make you enable to be a top-leader in Dental industry.

Posdion Co., Ltd :
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Posdion Co., Ltd.
Address : Room 905, B-dong, Awish-Yedain Building, 452, Yangcheon-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, 07574, Korea
Contact Point : TEL +82-3664-2874 / FAX +82-2-3661-2267
Email : info@posdion.com / jyk6260@posdion.com